"I've lived in Marlborough for almost 30 years.  I've raised my family here and either led or partnered in many community programs and projects.  It's my honor to now run for Marlborough City Council, representing Ward 1.  I believe that communties are stronger when we work together and all people are honored and valued."

Strong schools equal strong communties.  Innovative schools with well trained, experienced staff are a crucial part of any city or town.  Our schools attract new families to our city and motivate existing families to put down roots and get involved.

We ask so much of our teachers, who are not only exceptional educators but are often the front line in identifying the social and emotional needs of our children.   Schools are an investment in our future and should be valued for being the assets that they are.


In any ecological system, diversity is a strength.  This is especially true when it comes to civic engagement and community building.  We have many diverse populations in our community and all should be valued.  Everyone has a skill, talent and perspective that adds to the greater good of our community.

Small Business

Small businesses contribute to the economic engine of our city.  When small businesses are recognized for their contibutions to the community, and are partners in the overall development of our city, we all benefit.

I support innovation and opportunities at a local level.  Employers who pay a fair wage, honor OSHA laws and provide competitive benefits are a valued part of any community.  Also, a strong business plan must include affordable housing.  Workers deserve to live and raise their families in their own communities.

(OSHA = Occupational Safety & Health Administration)

Climate Action & Justice

The climate crisis is a serious threat that requires action from all communities.  The most resilient communities are making the necessary changes to move towards 100% renewable, clean energy.  This requires both the will and the leadership to make this happen.

I am committed to creating a green Marlborough.

Moving towards 100% clean renewable energy is an opportunity for our community.  A commitment to clean, renewable energy fuels job growth, addresses transportation concerns and reduces housing costs by lowering, and ultimately, eliminating utilities costs. 


Ten cities and towns in Massachusetts have adopted 100 percent renewable energy goals, including Salem, Cambridge, Lowell, Leverett, Framingham, Amherst, Northampton, Beverly, Watertown, and Natick. Other communities are considering similar targets.

And, more than 160 major companies, including Apple, Johnson & Johnson, and Nike, have committed to 100 percent renewable energy targets. Google is already powering its worldwide operations with 100 percent renewable electricity.   A Commitment to clean, renewable energy makes our community more attractive to innovative business partners.


A spectrum of housing options is a crucial part of any community.  If the workers that keep a city running can't afford to live there, that's a problem.   Familes, seniors, empty nesters and young adults are all valued members of our community and there should be housing options to meet their needs. Everything from well maintained, affordable rental units, low income and subsidized housing, senior housing and a range of single family homes are all important housing resources needed by our city.

Careful and thoughtful long range city planning is an important part of community development.