A Stronger Community Together

I'm honored to be a candidate for Marlborough City Council, Ward One.  I am a social worker (MSW) and a leader who has been engaged in statewide social justice campaigns for the past 10 years.  I am the Executive Director of a non-profit organization, and in this role, I work in coalition with other leaders who are building stronger communties that honor and value all people.  In 2019, I was awarded the Social Work Today 2019 Dedicated and Deserving Social Work Award.  Read more about this award here.


My experience is perfect training to be a City Councilor, in that eleven representatives from our city are called to work together, along with our Mayor and other leadership, to create the best Marlborough for all.


I've lived in Marlborough for almost 30 years.  My three children are graduates of our public school system and together, we participated in many of the community activities our city has to offer.  I ran a girl scout troop for over 10 years and was the Marlborough Girl Scout Coordinator and Cookie Coordinator for several of those years.  My family particpated in softball, baseball and football team activities and also participated in the school band program.  These activities bring neighbors together and build a stronger community.

Other activities I'm proud of include organizing a free summer lunch program for our community's children for several years.  I deeply appreciate the  generosity of local residents and businesses when we work together to meet the needs of our community. 


In 2005, I was also part of the effort to stop the school bus fees.  I was proud to support Marlborough families in this effort and prevent a short-sighted plan from being enacted. 

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In 2003, I broke the story of a local jewlery store that was responsibile for stealing women's diamonds from their engagement rings.  I was contacted by women from all over the country who were victims in this crime and was successful in getting the store closed.

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I look forward to having this opportunity to  represent my neighbors in City Council and I hope to have your vote!

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